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You can do

Client: Claretianas
Date: 2014
Services: Design, illustration, poster
Collaboration: Monzón8

01. Briefing

The Claretian Missionaries school offers as an integral area of ​​education, coexistence and evangelization in a shared mission within the educational community.

The Claretian school, every year, proposes a theme that will be developed in the school through activities throughout the course.

This year,  the design studio Monzón8 has proposed a slogan oriented with the same theme that had the poster of the previous year, and it was also designed in this studio, entitled “You can do, the world awaits you”.


Update the aesthetics used in the Claretian posters to a more modern and simple one. Full of colour and geometric shapes.


Prepare a sketch full of colour and make an architectural landscape of children's style that gives life to illustration.


Preparation of a model for the development of the internal content of a school agenda and the creation of graphic elements that support the content.

02. Illustration

The poster maintains a similar aesthetic to posters from previous years that this school has had: with an illustration of modern aesthetics, flat inks, cartoon and childlike characters with a simple background and few ornaments, achieving volumetry.

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