Learning platform where tourism professionals offer their knowledge to companies


TheHub.Travel is the hub for tourism training offered by the best professionals in the tourism sector.

In this web project, I had the main challenge: to make the front-end design of the website in WordPress, to create a design for Learndash, and integrating it with a custom platform made by developers.

Client: Inturea
Date: 2020
Services: Front-end, Ux/Ui design
Collaboration: The Surf Web


Creating a learning hub through Learndash, which can be integrated with a custom-developed, proprietary learning system.

The main challenge of this web project was to create a learning platform for professionals in the tourism sector to offer courses to companies that need to reinvent themselves after Covid-19.

The original idea was to create a learning hub similar to the Domestika website, on a smaller scale and more focused on tourism and all the companies dedicated to it.

Realizing an attractive design for the user, functional and intuitive that would allow interaction between professional and the company

The target of TheHub.Travel was focused on companies, large and small, and hotels wanted to adapt to new changes, whose were willing to learn and analyze, besides to be willing to give an experience to their customers and to innovate.


The design of is aimed at tourism companies that want to learn the right way to reinvent themselves, or simply to know how to reach their target audience. Companies looking to increase traffic, to have more visibility, and, above all, to differentiate themselves from the competition by innovating.

As a result, a simple and elegant learning platform has been created, following the brand style of the brand. Circular shapes that give dynamism to the content, contrast through the green and gold colors with the Prussian blue background, an easy to handle and fun platform with calls to action inside.