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Smartbiometrik. Experts in facial biometrics Legal electronic signature, verification and user identification


Smartbiometrik is a company that is dedicated to providing biometric certificates with security through five fundamental pillars: dni, fingerprint, signature, selfie, and mail.

Smartbiometrik is thought to follow the idea of being a one-page web with an online store for the sale of its digital certificates in the form of a plugin.

Client: Smartbiometrik
Date: 2019
Services: onepage, branding


Smartbiometrik is a brand of digital identity certification through biometric comparison.

The brand is composed of an isotype and a logo. The isotype is a representation of a handprint made with clean strokes.

On the other hand, the logo uses a sans serif typeface with a thick stroke where the blue and black hue form an interesting contrast.


Smartbiometrik has a primarily business target that seeks security for its employees and its customers through biometrics. Are you…? Are you sure that you are you?

As a result, a brand has been developed with a sans serif typeface and with two tones: light blue and black, at the same time, the isotype has a footprint shape and uses a color gradient. On the other hand, the website has custom graphic elements, following the aesthetic of the brand, which support the compression of the texts.

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