Smartbiometrik App

Client: SmartBiometrik
Date: 2019
Services: UX, custom elements

01. Briefing

Smartbiometrik is a company that is dedicated to providing biometric certificates with security through five fundamental pillars: DNI, fingerprint, signature, selfie and e-mail.

The objective is to redesign the app, giving it a current aspect and continuing the aesthetics of the new website.

WebApp design

Propose an attractive design change to the user while doing a study of the target that manages the App, its needs and motivation.

User Experience (UX)

Analyze the management of the mobile focusing on what happens inside the screen, where and how the user accesses, the way to visualize the texts, the contents and all the resources that influence its execution.

User interface design (UI)

Apply what we have discovered in the user experience analysis (UX) and adjust it using the interface design we perform (UI).

02. Prototype

The previous study carried out revealed that the Smartbiometrik App had navigation problems that made it difficult to understand its operation. After this study it did it a redesign to improve the aesthetic and navigation part.

As a result, the Smartbiometrik App has improved its functionality, the navigation is more intuitive since previous steps have been made that explain how the different types of digital identity certificates should be configured, and finally, the aesthetics are more pleasant and adapted to the coporative image of the brand.

03. Result