Plan de Choque para Turismo

Client: Inturea
Date: 2020
Services: Graphic design, webdesign

01. Briefing

Plan de Choque is a company that belongs to Inturea and is dedicated to helping tourism companies prepare marketing strategies to help them recover from the Covid-19 crisis. They put all the knowledge and network of Inturea within the reach of small, medium and large companies in the tourism sector. 

The objective of Plan de Choque para Turismo project is to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the web, in addition to bringing together the 3 modalities that offer tourism companies to overcome Covid-19.

E-commerce and web

Develop a strong, attractive and clear structure that captures the customer's attention and makes you want to stay browsing the web and acquire its webinars, interviews and courses. (The courses are in process).

User Experience (UX)

Analyze the handling of the web from PC to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, the way to view the content and the elements previously developed.

02. Prototype

The Plan de Choque para Turismo design is aimed at tourism companies especially, travel lovers, those seeking slow travel, new approaches …

As a result, a fresh image is achieved as an agency focused on tourism marketing where corporate colors are present throughout the web along with geometric shapes that provide dynamism and play.

03. Result