Neurodem billboard

Client: Clínica Neurodem
Date: 2018
Services: Graphic design, illustration, print

01. Briefing

The Neurodem Clinic is a center specialized in the study and care of the brain, combining the experience of its multidisciplinary team of great professionals.

The objective of this project was to design a billboard that inform about the services that the Neurodem Clinic offers in a clear and simply way. That billboard would be in an illuminated place with a lot of traffic, surrounded by others billboard full of color, so it was necessary to highlight it looking for concepts that followed the aesthetic that the brand shows in its creative works and networks.


Develop a vector illustration which reflects the main concepts the aesthetic of the Neurode Clinic: simplicity, clarity, functionality, care and multidisciplinarity.


Set the correct size of the elements for correct viewing over short and long distances.

02. Result