Morote translations

Client: Morote traducciones
Date: 2019
Services: Web design, graphic design
Collaboration: Agencia Portal14

01. Briefing

Morote translations is a company with more than 25 years of experience being a national leader and specializes in providing translation and interpretation services to public institutions, large companies and entities.

The Morote website needed to change a more current makeover that would bring it closer to its target, it sought to rejuvenate the web aesthetic, they wantes to capture the attention of a younger target without neglecting their current target, also, they would improve web positioning by expanding keywords, correcting SEO and investing in SEM.

Web dsign

Implement the aesthetics of brand on the web, make a correct distribution of the content in an organized way and create calls to action.

User experience (UX)

Analyse the management of the website from PC devices to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, how to view the content and the elements previously developed.


Develop texts that help keep existing content and improve your web positioning.

02. Prototype

The new web design should capture the main concept of Morote, identify its services in a current world and bring the website closer to the brand.

As result, the graphic elements were created to support the content what accompany. In addition, the main color of the Morote brand was used as a base color in the website and thus achieve an aesthetic homogeneity that would identify Morote among its competitors.

03. Result

The colors pink and orange with the contrast of black bring lighting and life to the web, in addition, it provides a modern and attractive style. Geometric shapes and effects have been used in the slider giving it a magical look to emphasize events.