Ludeña jewelry

Client: Ludeña
Date: 2019
Services: Branding
Collaboration: Agencia Portal14

01. Briefing

Ludeña is a family jewelry store that emerged in 1945 and began as a single workshop that would more three new commercial establishments throughout Toledo. This brand has been operating with a specific target for more than 70 years, so the market had to be expanded adapting to the most current target.

02. Visual identity

After realizing a market study, knowing the target, the enviroment and the city where the brand moved and deepen in the concept of the brand, we seek to update and consolidate the new brand concepts with the new brand.

The new image gathers all those moments that immortalized, the feelings and emotions that the brand itself and its artisans transmit through their unique designs, which last from generation to generation, and that serve to create an insurmountable bond.

Joyería Ludeña marca branding | Proyecto Löwin designs
Joyería Ludeña marca | Proyecto Löwin designs

03. Stationery