Lola García Boutique

01. Briefing

Lola García Boutique designs collections for the littles one can look dazzling at important events. Bet on quality, exclusive and 100% made designs in Spain. 

Lola García boutique seeks as objetive to sell her custom designs through her own sales platform

E-commerce and web

relaunch the website as an online store for children's clothing sold directly while emphasizing personalized designs for events.

User experience (UX)

Analyze the management of the website from Pc devices to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, how to view the product and how to navigate between categories.


Develop texts that help to nourish the content and products of the online store to improve its web positioning.

02. Prototype

The design of Lola Garcia Boutique web aims to give prominence to the product that it sells in each season as well as to its photo shoot with children’s models.

As result, e-commerce has a classic and elegant aesthetic in greenish tones where the game of two fonts have been used: one geometric and one manual. The set is closely linked to the concept that the designer conveys in her children’s clothes.

03. Result