Le Rêveur shop mockup web ecommerce - diseño de lowindesigns

Le Rêveur Shop

Client: Le rêveur shop
Date: 2019
Services: E-commerce
Collaboration: Mad&Digger

01. Briefing

Le Rêveur Shop – The fashion store for men. An online store of masculine clothes where you can find since sneakers to suits, an unique and authentic style just for them.

the objective of this project is to design functional e-commerce that reflects the essence of the brand and at the same time was intuitive for the user, making his time on the website comfortable and pleasurable to surf on over the website seeing the products.

E-commerce and web

Design an online website that shows the "Le Rêveur Shop" Style, a different brand and with own personality.

Experiencia de Usuario (UX)

Analyze the management of the web from PC devices to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, how to view the product and how to navigate between pages for proper usability.

02. Prototype

The design of “Le Rêveur Shop” aims to bring the brand closer to the young and modern man, the man who wears the fashion no only inside but also outside, the man who dresses well for any occasion.

As result, it is been got an e-commerce with elegance style, through of colors game between black and white, and been accompanied next to photographs quality that catch the user attention that enter on the webpage for the first time or comes frequently. A direct, easy to search and clear website.

03. Result

Le Rêveur shop mockup web ecommerce - diseño de lowindesigns