La Mirada Psicológica

Client: Mónica Penella
Date: 2018
Services: Web design

01. Briefing

La Mirada Psicológica is a Psichology center directed by Mónica Pinello, where science, art and health are worked as an unit.

The main objective of La Mirada Psicológica is to look respite, simplicity, whitout forgetting that modern touch that has the personal brand of Monica Pinello. A visual, dynamic, cheerful and warm website where the one enters, looks for that person who listens, help you, who undestands you, who helps you to find yourself and who inspires you to move on…

Web design

Reflect the simplicity, transparency, warmth and professionalism that Mónica Pinello transmits as a psychologist.


Search for keywords to develop rich texts in context and good positioning.

02. Result

The new web design takes the essential ideas that Mónica Pinello works: Science, health, art, simplicity, peace and tranquillity.