La Botica del Marinero

Client: Fco Javier Moyano
Date: 2019
Services: Branding

01. Briefing

La Botica del Marinero (in english “Sailor’s Apothecary”) is family pharmacy located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz, Spain) and had been operating for 45 years.

The pharmacy, for 45 years, had been knowing simply as pharmacy so the propietaries decided to give it a makeover and update it with a more modern aesthetic, thus, giving a identity to announce in Sanlúcar, a fishing city, homey, close, families who have been living in the area for years,a nighborhood that grows day by day, the sea, the fish…

Corporate brand

Develop an aesthetic and recognizable brand at first sight, with a name that represents the profession and the essence of the city,


Develop a market strategy or actions that help publicize the brand and make it known to its target.

02. Visual identity

The brand should collect all the essence in Cadiz and, of course, Sanlúcar de Barrameda. After a small analysis and proposals, it was decided to choose as the name “La Botica del Marinero”.

¿Why “La botica del marinero”? Botica makes reference to both a pharmacy as a nutrition (area where they work), also is refered to the space where the medicins prescribed by a doctoris going to be collected but also as the place where they help you maintain a healthy life through A correct recipes for proper nutrition, in adittion, a few years ago, what we now call Pharmacy began as a Botica (drugstore). On the other side, Marinero comes from the name of the neighborhood, in turn makes reference to fishing, the fishing town and a very common profession in Cádiz, and of course, it refers to the doctors of the sea.

03. Corporate stationery

The brand was designed as an isologo, where the figure of the sailor who is in the center is enclosed with a type of  “lifeguard” around and where the naming “La Botica del Marinero” with a subtext “Pharmacy&Nutrition” is.

In adittion, a series of textures/patterns were made to accompany the brand and that makes reference to the movement of the wave os the sea and a meditation way but with an abstract shape and a line deformed by the contour.