Client: Inturea
Date: 2020
Services: Ux/Ui design

01. Briefing

Inturea is an experiential branding agency in touristic marketing and works for your business strategy, reforzing your brand and helping you in each step to get your objectives.

The main challenge of this web project was to transmit the essence of a tourist agency but to leave aside the concept of Inturea as a marketing agency.

User Interface (UI)

Create an effective web design that makes it easy for site users to access content, interact effectively with all components and feel comfortable at all times, and all without even thinking about it.

User Experience (UX)

Analyze the handling of the web from PC to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses it, the way of visualizing the content and the elements developed previously.

02. Prototype

Inturea’s design is aimed at tourism companies that want to go one step further. Companies that are looking for new clients, that are looking to increase the motorized traffic of reservations, that are looking for more visibility and, above all, that want to differentiate themselves from the competition, by innovating.

As a result, the website conveys the aesthetics of a travel agency and, at the same time, shows the concept of a marketing agency. It incites you to navigate through it to discover new elements such as the search engine used on this occasion to ask for appointments and advice, travel recommendations as a way of representing services, tourist images that incite to travel or to show the ideal traveler…

03. Result