Eventos Málaga Viva

Client: Eventos Málaga viva
Date: 2017
Services: Web design. Graphic elements
Collaboration: Medios en Red.Tv

01. Briefing

Eventos Málaga Viva is a company southern Spain that is dedicated to the organization of events such as wedding. business meeting, or simply, a little meeting between friend creating custom events for their clients.

The web design of Eventos Málaga Viva should get attention of all those users who entered the website. The objective was to inform about all services that they had and could customize for the events.

Web design

Distribution of content in different pages, visual elements that aesthetically serve to get attention and study the target and environment in which the services offered are concentrated.

User Experience (UX)

Analyze the management of the website from PC devices to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, how to view the content and the elements previously developed.


Creations of content-rich text through a list of keywords that made previously and which help to understand the services offered by Eventos Málaga Viva.

02. Prototipo

Create a website that reflects the essentials concepts of the Eventos Málaga viva brand which are events, parties, music, joy, fun and Malaga.

As result, We got an eye-catching website, which got attention for its content. A website where color contrast predominated and camouflaged with images and at the same time served to provide more details and meaning to the content.

03. Result

The colors Pink and orange with the contrast of black bring lighting and life to the website, also it provides a modern and attractive style. Geometric shapes and effects have been used in the sliders giving it an magical aspect to emphasize events.