Crowide marca branding| Proyecto Löwin designs


Client: Crowide
Date: 2019
Services: Branding

01. Briefing

Crowide is a online booking plataform where the worker or freelance who travel without a fixed workplace can rent a space for hours or days.

The objective is to get a strong brand, that represent the worker, the place, the help and the “crowide” brand.

Corporate brand

Design a current, clear, modern and effective brand, without neglecting the most corporate aspect.

Corporate stationery

Create a professional corporate symbol for all brand stationery

02. Visual identity

Crowide seeks to establish as one of the most powerful brands at European level within the online booking platform platform sector. Crowide works as a temporary coworking where the user reserves a workplace either in a cafeteria, a bar, in offices, singular places, metting palce… and receives some free services offered by the owner.

As a result of the brand design, a logo with a sans serif typography has been created where one of its consonants has been chosen to give it strength and thus integrate at the same time a visual element that can be used as an isotype or a short form of representation of the brand.

Crowide “W” uses a gradient that goes from water green to prussian blue creating a sense of movement as if the consonant had been created in a single stroke. In addition, it has opted for a form where it has the lower part narrower than the upper one and in which, the central part above leaves to create the icon for signaling the maps. In this way we link the “W” with location.

Crowide marca | Proyecto Löwin designs
Crowide marca cabecera | Proyecto Löwin designs

03. Corporate Stationery

Crowide marca branding| Proyecto Löwin designs