Celia Palacios

Client: Celia Palacios
Date: 2019
Services: Corporate brand
Collaboration: Monzón8

01. Briefing

Corporate brand design for “Celia Palacios | Physiotherapy – Osteopathy – Posturology ”.

The objective is to transmit the services offered by Celia Palacios offers in her local through isotype.

Corporate brand

Create a functional, illustrative and clear brand.


Make a creative card design that transmit the services offered through the illustration.

02. Visual identity

The corporate identity of Celia Palacios | Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Posturology is composed of a visual element and a typography. The visual element consists of a human figure lying on a one side, performing a typical posture in this profession, and three geometric shapes that help balance the figure. In addition, it is accompanied by a typography with movement with curves that favor compositionally.

03. Stationery