beer and dreams - mockup prototype lowindesigns

Beer and Dreams

Client: Beer&Dreams
Date: 2019
Services: Web design, Ui Design, Graphic design

01. Briefing

Beer and Dreams is a craft brewery that offers unique products with top quality ingredients and a delicate brewing process. It is the family brand where Desiderata beer is located, a beer that in a short time has gained prestige in Andalusia.

The Beer & Dreams factory aims to transmit the values of the brand, publicize the different beers they make between their walls and boost their beers starting with their own distribution to small and large companies.


Facilitate the distribution of their beers in a simple and fast way through their own website, giving access to possible local and regional buyers.

Experiencia de Usuario (UX)

Analyze the management of the web from PC devices to mobile devices, where and how the user accesses, how to view the product and how to navigate between pages for proper usability.


Develop well-structured texts and with the correct use of keywords, organize them correctly so that they help them to read and promote the category website so that they can compete with other brands in the same sector.

02. Prototype

The aesthetic design of the website aims to give prominence to the product that Beer&Dreams sells to record it in the user’s mind: what kind of beer do you sell? where is it from? How do I buy it? What brand did I buy?…

As result, it has been achieved a visually appealing design where geometric shapes and photography take on the same role giving an unique, modern and current style. Besides, the infographics have been made following this aesthetic by helping its explanation and joining the rhythm of the rest of the elements.

03. Result

beer and dreams - mockup prototype lowindesigns