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Becheckin WebApp

The ultimate solution for hotels, holiday flats, garages, companies, and gyms. A system controlled by WebApp


Becheckin is the company that works to provide the ultimate solution for hotels, holiday flats, garages, companies, and gyms in an organized, simple, convenient, and secure way. No need to carry 1000 keys with you, everything goes in the WebApp.

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Client: Becheckin
Date: 2019
Services: Custom elements, UX


The new design aims to improve the user interface and the functionality of the app, taking into account that although it will be mostly used on mobile devices, the design on pc and its handling must be the same as on mobile. In addition, the target audience is a wide age range of 18 to 50 years old, homeowners and tourists.

The aim of this WebApp is to give the best performance to both the guest and the owner, giving the best service in a comfortable and fast way. For this purpose, this app is redesigned taking into account the user experience and how the user navigates through the web app to improve its interface.


The previous study revealed that 70% of users search for the same sections: Create Checkin Online, Keys to access the property, and City Across or Points of Tourist Interest.

As a result, these three activities or actions were set up in the main menu and, from there, connected to the secondary menu were several additional contents, also of interest, but less visited, would appear.

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