Be+ mockup web | Prototipo Löwin designs

BE+ team

Client: Be+
Date: 2020
Services: E-commerce, Diseño web
Collaboration: Mad&Digger

01. Briefing

Be+ is a company obsessed with bringing quality physical activity to all people through personalized services and thus improving health and well-being.

The objective of the Be project is to bring custom products offered to all those people interested in their health and well-being. Outdoor and indoor activities, in group or individuals.

E-commerce and web

Develop a strong, attractive and clear structure that catches the attention of the clients and do to want to stay surfing on the website and acquire their services.

Experiencia de Usuario (UX)

Analyze the handling of the web from PC to mobile devices, where and how to access the user, how to view content and previously developed elements.

02. Prototype

The Be + design is aimed at lovers of vitality, those athletes who always overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. Be + identifies with them and they want to offer them everything they need to “be more” (sport, sports advice, nutrition, wellness, health, …)

As a result, the image of self-improvement is present on the web and through the dark all and shocking scenes we add to the concept the determination and seriousness that the brand conveys.

03. Result

Be+ mockup web | Prototipo Löwin designs
Be+ mockup web | Prototipo Löwin designs