Artelier | Craft beer

Client: Personal project
Date: 2018
Services: diseño gráfico, identidad corproativa, estrategia de marca, packaging, diseño web

01. Briefing

Artelier is a craft beer brand that I created as a project in the Postgraduate of Branding and Brand Strategy at Seeway.

In this project I had to do a market study, aesthetics, values and beer public, in my case of artisan style, nationwide. Also I had to create a naming and everything that surrounds the brand such as: Context, Objectives, value proposition, Target, Creative Concept, Manifesto, Visual Identity, Actions, Merchandising and Design for the Digital Media.

Corporate brand

Create a brand for a craft beer whose target is focused on artists and artisan, people who work with their hands and look for creativity and inspiration in their day to day.


Develop a market strategy or actions that help publicize the brand and make it known to its target.


Make agreements with artisans to carry out the development of merchandising for the Artelier brand.

02. Visual identity

The naming was create afetr the union of Art and Atelier, a workshop. Artelier is the creaft beer for craftsmen and artisan, a beer made by hand and created with care. A beer created by pure alchemist passion.

Artelier is a beer diricted a target between the ages of 20 and 35, with a casual, natural style and does and chooses what they want when they want, without neglecting that other group that is already a consumer of craft beer.

03. Packaging

Artelier’s packaging has as objective to reflect the warmth of the craftsman and the handwork..

As result, the packaging is made in a red wooden box and wrapped with a blue leather fabric in which the Artelier isotype is engraved manually.

04. Actions and merchandising

Graphical representation of stocks and merchandising for the Artelier brand. In adittion to a small mockup of how the website would be.