Aeris Health

Air purification company based in US, China and Switzerland


Aeris Health, the high quality air purification company based in China, US and Switzerland.

The project consisted of redesigning the air purifiers’ app, previously carrying out an exhaustive market study that would allow them to adapt and transmit the quality of their purifiers through their app. As a personal goal, I set myself the challenge of improving the user experience and its interface so that the user would be comfortable to navigate, including new functions and tools to get the most out of the purifier.

*Aeris Health was acquired by iRobot Company in November 2022.

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Client: Aeris Health
Date: 2021
Services: Ux/Ui Design
Prototype: Enlace

Brief y Design

Give the app a facelift, making it closer to its target and product.

Aeris Health is an air purification company based in Switzerland that aims to be different in its sector. Reaching its target audience, offering the best service and quality.

This app redesign project seeks, as mentioned before, to give a facelift to its app, updating its brand image, improving the user experience adapted to its target, talking to them in a close, friendly and direct way. It does not seek to confuse, but to facilitate.

In this ‘new’ app we have played with the brand’s chromatic range, we have incorporated iconographies that border a little on animation to bring a fun and cheerful touch to the app, inciting you to want to continue ‘playing’ with the app.

New features such as Notifications to know in real-time how is the air quality in your home or office and be able to act quickly if required, to know the status of the filter, information of interest about AQI and our products, tutorials for those forgetful, and many other improvements that it is better to see for yourself 😉

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