Abogatia | Rechtsanwälte

Client: Lawyer's office
Date: 2020
Services: Branding

01. Briefing

Abogatia Rechtsanwälte Asociados is a law firm that provides legal services to Spanish and foreign people, especially German, who are living or doing tourism in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz).

The law firm is made up of professional friends with language skills who decided to provide legal services to foreigners and nationals, as they saw that there were very few law firms in the area that could provide services in other languages.
A project vision with great results.

Corporate brand

Create an attractive, modern, and minimalist brand that represents the law, seriousness, work, and spirit of the company.


Develop a market strategy or actions that help to advertise the brand and make it known to its target.

02. Visual identity

Abogatia is a brand that captures the essence of advocacy with simple and clear strokes, and with an attractive style that attracts attention.  

Abogatia is a brand composed of an isotype easily recognisable by its shape made up of the sword and the scale of the goddess Iustitia, the naming includes the word “lawyers” making it recognisable in the national language and the slogan includes the words lawyers in German which helps foreigners to identify the brand quickly.

03. Stationery

The design of Abogatia’s stationery follows the minimalist line of the brand with single-colour plain backgrounds and where the different types of use of the brand are used. In addition, an illustration of the image of the goddess Iustitia was prepared as a decoration.