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Natalia Martín foto | lowindesigns.es

Löwin Designs

Since I have reason the drawing has helped me to show my feelings and ideas that I have in my mind and the readings have served me to see and know new worlds and characters. Clarly these hobbies inspired me to study in design, doing all kinds of crazy things as crossing the country each weekend to get what I am today.  Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla with four master’s degrees: Graphic design, web development, superior education and, branding and marketing strategy.

With my drawings I want to express my passion for illustration since I have always been good speaking through the characters and the drawings because they can tell much more than the words could do.

After all, LÖWIN DESIGNS is nothing more than a representation of myself and an excuse to share, my desire, my joy and this creativity that is born from within and that encourages me every day to take graphic tablet and pen to Talk about my worldview.